Sairom Moon is a lovely illustrator who loves to give happiness to people through her adorable illustrations.

She was studying Design at Hongik University in Korea until she decided to transfer to MICA in the United States to broaden her artistic view and interests. She changed her major to Illustration in Maryland Institute College of Art. Experience in both Design and Illustration helped her to work freely with both computer and hand.

Her drawings are inspired by the most ordinary things in daily life that many people just pass by indifferently. She likes to capture small happiness from such moments and express them in her drawings to share with her viewers. Mostly she is inspired by her family and especially her clumsy younger sister who loves bunnies. She likes to observe her sister’s sometimes funny and sometimes adorable actions and draw them out with bunnies.

She feels happy giving pleasure through her illustrations but feels even happier watching people feeling happy through them. She is an illustrator who cares about her viewers.

문새롬 작가는 미국, Maryland Institute College of Art에서 일러스트레이션 전공을 했으며, 지금은 프리랜서 일러스트작가로 활동중입니다.

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